Rosa Parks stood for more than one historic event

Rosa Parks was a not a just a tired woman who would not leave her seat.  She stood up for justice before she was arrested on December 1, 1955, for […]

Are US Federal Courts Harder on Native American Offenders? VOA

This is an article from Voice of America (VOA) Learning English.  You can read and listen to the story.  There is a list of words with definitions from the article […]

Lesson 192 – Parts of the Sentence – Indirect Objects

An indirect object is really a prepositional phrase in which the preposition to or for is not stated but understood. It tells to whom or for whom something is done. The indirect object always comes between the verb and the direct object. Example: She g…

Puritan Colonists

The New England colonies were founded by English Puritans who left England because they could not do as they wished in the home land. All Puritans were agreed in wishing […]

Learn: Preamble of the Constitution of the United States

We the People “We the People…”.  These are some of the most powerful words ever written in history.  They are the first words of the US Constitution.  For Americans, the […]

13 Common Social Questions and Answers

This is an excellent article from FluentU to help get into simple conversations beyond “Hi, how are you?” “My name is…”.  Perfect for everyday and social events like dinner or […]

Lists and Examples of Adverbs

A very long list of adverbs, not all of which end in -ly.  A list of adverbs, plus definitions and examples of how to use different types of adverbs in […]

Founding of the Thirteen Colonies

The 13 Original Colonies were the first places that Europeans landed and lived in North America. This land was not called The United States of America because it was not […]

US Labor Day

The events that lead to the creation of the Labor Day federal holiday were important for American workers.  The public began to sympathize and support labor unions. The US celebrates […]