Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These questions and answers to help you.  They are things that many people ask.


Before You Join

Everyone can join.

We encourage students, teachers, and leaners of ESL English to join.

All people are welcome to join.  All you need to know is a little English to get started.  If  you know English well, you can do many things and you can help others.

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There is no cost or money needed to join us.  There is no cost or money needed to use the website.  No spam or ads will be sent to you from us, ever.

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ESL Friends Space is this a social network.

Facebook and Twitter are social networks.  This is a private place to meet people, use English with other people, to get help and to practice English together.  Only people who are members can see everything and use the site.

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Getting Started

Link: web page address or URL.

This website has the address http://friends.toni-esl.com or friends.toni-esl.com.  The address is the web link.

This website page, FAQs, has an address http://friends.toni-esl.com/f-a-q-s/ or friends.toni-esl.com/f-a-q-s/

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You can have and change both.

Go to your Profile page.  Or click on the word Profile on your page.  You will see “Change Profile Photo” and “Change Cover Image”.

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Media: photos, videos, music, etc, that you uploaded.

Go to your Profile page.  Click on the word Media to see Media Gallery.

Media Gallery: where to see your media.

When you click on Media it will open Media Gallery.  You will also see labels for All, Photos, Videos, and Music.  Those are the places where your media is stored.

  • Media Gallery displays all of your media.
  • You can group your media in Albums.
  • You can upload media into the Media Gallery without a post.
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Go to My Activity page

There will be a box to write in.  You can add photos, videos, and links to web pages – there are buttons to add them under the text box.

This is the way to post and share on your page.

Click “Post Update” to publish your post on your page.  You can edit after you publish.

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Create a post for the main Blog

There is Blog for this website.   It is for the public to view.  You can post on the Blog too!

Go to Post on Blog to submit a post.

I post things at are interesting or helpful for English students and teachers.  I also post about learning English, American History, and US Civics.  Sometimes I post something fun or silly.

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  Groups are people that post together with common ideas or interests.

  • Group members can post, share, and work together from one page.
  • You can create or join a group.
  • There are Public Groups and Private Groups.
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YES.  Invite friends, students, and your English teacher to join.

The only rule is the we use English only, unless some one needs help with translation.

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